J. T. Smith & Associates Inc.

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Are you looking to increase sales, eliminate manual order processing, increase accuracy of your data and monitor your event in real time while focusing on your selling atmosphere?
We have what you have been waiting for!

How does it work?

Before the Show

We know how much time, energy, planning and just plain hard work go into a successful event. So we make sure that we coordinate with you long before your show event.
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At the Show

J.T Smith provides laptops, order entry software and training for the vendors. Our support team is on the show floor at all times to assist vendors and retailers.
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After the Show

All order information is sent to your computer department in the format that you require. This way the orders go directly into your computer system. We have many standard reports available and can easily create custom reports.
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  • Customized software for your show
  • Support prior to your show
  • Laptops are provided and setup for vendors
  • Pre-Show ordering opportunities
  • Show cash / bonus buck capabilities
  • Real-Time reporting at the show
  • Trained support staff on show floor
  • Vendor training classes prior to show
  • Flexible / customized reporting


  • Eliminates manual order process
  • Improves accuracy of data
  • Eliminates lost orders
  • Doesn't interfere with selling atmosphere
  • Immediate reports for Vendors and Retailers
  • Orders are sent directly into your computer system after the show
Before the Show
Our team works with you to customize our software to ensure that the options and features that you need for your event are enabled. Some of the items that we focus on before the show are:

  • Identify unique features of your show. These include different pricing scenarios, item availability based on customer geographic region, incentive dollars or points.
  • Accept data in whatever format you use to create your show book. This could be spreadsheets, database, flat files... etc.
  • Verify all data received against printed show book.
  • Send test orders to your system to ensure that orders sent after the show flow into your system smoothly.
  • Open our internet ordering system to your retailers or sales representatives for preshow ordering.
  • Work with the show coordinator to identify brokers/manufacturers to assign the number of laptops needed in booths at the show.
  • Pre-print "Buyer Cards" for retailers who are signed up for the show. This allows a retailer to immediately start buying at the show once they are registered.
At The Show
We provide laptops, the order entry software and training for the vendors. Our support team is on the show floor at all times to assist both vendors and retailers.
  • Set up a training area for vendor classes. These training sessions generally run only 20 to 30 minutes and they are normally run on the hour every hour on setup day.
  • Set up all laptops based on vendors needs.
  • Provide support staff who are on the show floor at all times to help with questions that vendors or retailers might have.
  • Provide reports for vendors and retailers at any time during the show.
After The Show
All order information is downloaded directly to your computer system in whatever format that you require.
  • Many standard reports are created when we create your order files.
  • We can create any custom report that you may need.
  • Continued support is provided even after the show.

  • Customized software for your show
  • Support prior to your show.
  • Pre-Show ordering opportunities.
  • Show Cash / Bonus Buck capabilities.
  • Laptops provided for vendors.
  • Vendor training classes prior to show.
  • Support staff available on show floor at all times.
  • Real time reporting at the show.
  • Kiosks placed throughout the show floor for retailer use.
  • Vendor reports available at the end of each day.
  • Flexible / customized reporting after the show.

  • Eliminate manual order processing.
  • Improves accuracy of show data such as pricing or item codes.
  • Eliminate lost orders.
  • Does not interfere with the selling atmosphere.
  • Orders are sent directly to your system after the show.
  • Online reports are available for your vendors and customers.
  • Support staff available on show floor at all times.
Contact Us

J. T. Smith & Associates Inc.

204 W. Monroe
P.O. Box 120
Philo, Illinois 61864-0120

Phone: 217.684.2174

Fax: 888.680.4787

Email: Info2@jtsmith.com
About Us

Since 1994 J. T. Smith & Associates has worked with some of the largest distributors in the grocery, convenience store, sporting goods and lawn and garden industries. The software we use was originally developed with input from the wholesale and vendor communities. Since then we have always maintained a partnership attitude with our clients. We constantly ask for input from vendors, retailers and distributors in order to meet their needs and expectations for the selling show experience. Through this attitude our business has continued to grow as does the number of industries we serve.

We believe it to be a testament to our system that we have grown our business largely through the vendor community. What better salesmen than the people who have used our system and who have realized the benefits that they receive.