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Annual trade show events are an essential part of the overall marketing effort of warehouse distributors. It is not only to showcase new products, but it provides another ordering opportunity for buyers.

J T Smith & Associates saw there was a need for a more efficient and accurate way to process orders. In 1991, J T Smith developed an unparalleled Automated Order Entry Software for warehouse distributors’ tradeshow events.

Our customers tell us that we have the most reliable software out there with a low learning curve and quick and easy entry. Our software was designed to optimize the interaction between the vendor and the dealer/store without taking away from the selling environment. J T Smith & Associates has worked with some of the largest distributors in the grocery store, convenience store, lawn & garden, sporting goods, and pet supply industries.

We feel that over 29 years of experience and the 1000+ tradeshows we have automated allows us to be more than just an automated order entry company, we are a partner in making your tradeshow event a success. Through this attitude, our business has continued to grow as does the number of industries we serve.
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